Bistro - The coffee combining restaurants and bars is being loved

Bistro (or Bistrot) is a not too unfamiliar term to the Vietnamese. This is a business model combining among coffee shops, restaurants, bars, a modern trend that is being loved today. Particularly in Nha Trang, if you are looking for a special coffee space to meet friends and partners, the First Bistro Nha Trang or Pho Bistro is a very suitable choice.



Nostalgic coffee shops in Nha Trang

Recently, nostalgia trend has attracted a lot of people, especially the young. They dress in a classical style (vintage), go to antique collectors, old style coffee shops ... Catch this trend, many coffee shops follow the old style, remind memories once formed, quickly becoming a favorite meeting place for locals and visitors.



A sunny weekend at Sunday Coffee

Are you looking for entertainment place for your family on the weekend? A beautiful location, suitable for all subjects, close to nature ...



The pretty and small coffee spaces

In Nha Trang, besides spacious and airy coffee spaces with nature, plants ... there are also small coffee shops, unique design, bring breath and creative ideas of the owners


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